Are Electric Acoustic Guitars the Best of Both Worlds?

Are Electric Acoustic Guitars the Best of Both Worlds?

The Simple Answer To The Question
A lot of people ask whether owning an acoustic guitar is the best of both worlds. The answer is that owning an acoustic guitar is fine, but it is not the best of both worlds. Owning the best of both worlds would consist of possessing an acoustic guitar and an electric guitar. The reason is that electric acoustic guitars are no substitute for the beauty and harmonically pleasing sound of an acoustic nor Read more »

Guitarist’s Stage Antics: Trashed, Smashed & Set on Fire

Guitarist’s Stage Antics: Trashed, Smashed & Set on Fire

Destruction of The Axe
Guitar players have a long and rich history of abusing their instruments. For instance, Hendrix lit his on fire, Townsend smashed his and Cobain threw his in the air without catching it on the way down. Overall, rock n roll has provided a rich landscape for musicians to destructively play their instruments. In some cases, by the end of the live show, the instrument was broken to Read more »

Gibson’s Highly Anticipated Firebird X Arriving September 30th

Gibson’s latest electric guitar”the highly anticipated Firebird X”has a price tag just under 1700 and is being touted as one of the most versatile guitars for recording and live performances in existence. Something of a swiss army knife of guitars, one of the main benefits of the Firebird X is its built-in effects. This eliminates the need for the use of many types of pedals, allowing guitarists to plug and play, creating a massive number of effects through controls Read more »

Yamaha’s CPX Series: Beautiful in Every Way

When you are a musician, nothing is more important to you than the instrument you play. The instrument says everything about you, where you have come from, where you are going, what kind of music you like to play and how often you play it. Because of this, you want an instrument that is able to describe your personality in an instant. This holds true to the Yamaha CPX series of guitars. These guitars are beautiful in just about every way you look at it, as not only are Read more »

Teaching Guitar to Your Child

We see it on television every day and so do your children – rock stars and successful recording artists strumming out on their guitars. Maybe you have even hit up your direct tv providers for exclusive, live concerts and watched with your little ones.

Most of us want to teach music to our little ones through guitar and the like, but few children have the time or the discipline to learn the instrument. And how many kids have you seen that have impulsively purchased guitars or drums with absolutely no knowledge of the fundamentals? You don’t have to let the same thing happen to your child, and we have compiled a list of steps you can take to introduce your child to the true art of guitar playing.

1. Size matters – get a guitar that is appropriate for your child’s height. Smaller tots should have a three-quarter acoustic while teens and preteens can get away with a full-size.

2. Handed – make sure you take your child’s dominant hand into account. A right-handed player should have the sound box on the right and vice versa.

3. Positioning – Let your child get a feel for how the notes are made by strumming and pressing the frets. Make sure you let them know that deeper notes are at the top.

4. Get familiar – Start with F and work your way down the measure. F is when you press your index finger down on the first fret on the first string.

5. Start simple – songs like nursery rhymes are a great place to start and there are plenty of beginner books that cover these melodies and the finger placements.

6. Practice

Peavey’s Jack Daniels Series: Smooth As Tennessee Whiskey

For those who love guitars as much as they love their Jack Daniels whiskey, this Peavey Jack Daneils Series, semi-hollow wooden guitar is a definate collector piece. Not only does the dark wood mimic the bottle of Jack, but the whole design style is as smooth as your favorite whiskey. With powerful strings, a semi-hollow strong wooden frame, and the darkest brown leather strap, this guitar is one to add to your collection. You will love the clean sound, the beautiful frame, and Read more »

The Best Silent Guitars on the Market

One of the biggest issues with having a an acoustic or electric guitar is when players go to practice in a crowded room. They have no choice but to make noise regardless of headphones. This is why several avid practicing guitarists are putting their money into a silent guitar, which emits vibrations and omits the sounds.

As with all instruments, it can sometimes be daunting to figure out what choices will get you the most for your money. This problems is just as apparent Read more »

Guitars for Beginners: The Raptor Plus from Peavey

Choosing a guitar for beginners can be a tricky prospect. Many beginners to any new endeavor or hobby, be it music, sports, theater or any of myriad others will be concerned about spending money on what may not be a long-term diversion or vocation. While there are certainly a great many fine guitars and other musical instruments on the market at a huge range of prices and values, beginners tend to think carefully about how much they will spend on their first instrument, and often only upgrade after Read more »

Tips for Choosing Your First Acoustic Guitar

Buying your first guitar can be both fun and overwhelming. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Set a budget. An acoustic guitar can truly be a “get what you pay for’ instrument. You will need to find a balance between quality and affordability.

Inexpensive guitars are typically made of lesser quality woods, such as laminate. If you choose laminate as opposed to solid wood, the sound quality will be poorer. A good budget compromise would be to buy a guitar with a solid wood top, but Read more »